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Advice that brings

prosperity for all

Advice that brings

prosperity for all

Understanding and evaluating products, services & technologies to accelerate target market integration

Bhagat Global has clocked 48 years of achievements, having collaborated with both small and large multinationals including from the Fortune 100 & 500 lists to develop projects within the high-growth Indian market. The promoters have invaluable experience and have built a vital  network to create an ecosystem for collaborators to leverage.



Since 1974, Bhagat Global has matured significant businesses in diverse fields of activity and has developed special expertise pan nation, sector, and size for established entities and start-ups to successfully obtain a foothold in India.

Advisory Services

We provide end-to-end advice on the complex and growing Indian market and assist with implementation on the ground. Following a market analysis, a collaborative approach is used to generate a focused strategy which is put into action by creating strategic relationships with synergistic businesses and service providers.

Partnership Opportunities

Where alignment is strong and visions overlap to generate the potential for symbiosis, Bhagat Global welcomes entering into partnerships to extend advice, networks, and active involvement in business growth. 


As India rises to prominence in a new chapter of its economic influence, this brings with it a rising tide of opportunities that is poised to lift many boats. We are actively seeking to invest in businesses and instruments at home and in select geographies abroad, are sector agnostic, but unified by the commonality of being at the precipice of revolution.

Foundations & Forums

Bhagat Group has taken responsibility to give back to society at large, in ways it is best equipped to do so. Working for sustainable solutions, Bhagat Global looks towards initiatives that create connectivity & contribute towards improving the quality of life, peace & prosperity for all. Its primary arms are the Earth Foundation NGO and Ambassadors Forum India which are active through unique relationships with the diplomatic corps in New Delhi, India. 


Geeti Bhagat


Geeti is responsible for the company’s policies and global corporate relationships. She joined the company in 1981 and opened and operated it’s offices in Paris and London for several years. She travels extensively to work on business opportunities and is invited to participate in international seminars and conferences.. She has accompanied Prime Ministers of India as a member of their delegations to Japan, Russia and Finland promoting bilateral economic relations. She is Member of the Board of the Indo Dutch Chamber of Business and Sciences, Rotary Club of Delhi Garden City and serves as President, Earth Foundation NGO and Convenor, Ambassadors Forum India.

Diya Joya Datwani

Business Development

Diya Joya has a Masters in Law from London and Bachelor’s degree in Media and Communications from the University of Nottingham. She has worked on a Renewable Energy Finance Project in Madrid, developed, patented and marketed a product in the Health & Personal Care space in addition to investing in emerging technologies.

Her role at Bhagat Global includes building business collaborations with companies outside India and assisting the team with research & structural integrity.

Man Mohan Bhagat

Founder & Former Chairperson

Mr Man Mohan Bhagat, was “a legend, unforgettable, charismatic, energising, innovative, motivating, trailblazer, respected, warm and caring” and was the visionary Founder of Bhagat Global, Earth Foundation NGO, Ambassadors Forum, Indo Canadian Business Chamber, Indo Netherlands Business Association, Indo Iceland Chamber of Commerce and the Rotary Club of Delhi Garden City. He was President and Advisory Board Member of the Commonwealth Society of India, Foundation for Aviation and Sustainable Tourism, Indo-American Chamber of Commerce, Indo-Spanish Business Chamber, etc. Man Mohan was an engineer from the Indian Institute of Technology and, at age 91, studied Environment: Problems and Solutions at Harvard University!

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